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Umpire Home Page

If you are an umpire, contact the Umpire in Chief
 to register and get scheduled for games.

Check these Local League Rule Clarifications 
Check these National Official Regulation changes

 2003 End of Season Playoff Umpire Schedule (Excel file)

Umpire information and schedules

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Hello to our Returning Umpires and
Prospective Umpires:

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we look forward to our upcoming baseball season. The memories of our previous season are still fresh in our minds; the sweet smell of newly watered spring turfgrass, the solid ping of a well hit ball, parents cheering their youngsters, our players joyful and proud of their play. And through all this there was a calming force.

You, our volunteer umpires.

We cannot over emphasize the important role that you play in this league. The umpire is unique. As sole judge and jury the umpire’s authority is unquestioned. The dignity with which you exercise your duties, the judgment and common sense you apply in interpretation of the Rule Book are the hallmark of an efficient and well-respected official. Our goal is to provide you with the equipment, information and training you’ll need to continue to be a successful and well respected official of the game this coming season.

We are in the process of planning for the upcoming season and would like to encourage you to do the same. Early registration for umpires has begun. If you are a returning umpire or if you know someone that would be a good umpire, have them contact us at so we can send you the registration forms. As always, any comments or questions you may have about the umpiring program are welcome.

We have posted two important documents in the margin to the left.  The Umpires Mission and Policies and the Umpires Clinic Manual.  Please take some time to read through these informative documents.


The current League Handbook is dated March 2004.
(The 2004 season handbook will be given to each player)

We have included a copy of the League Handbook here in MS Word format for your convenience. Each player should receive a printed copy from their coach. 

Sample Rule Notes  (This year the Rule books have a blank page at the back on page T-23.  You can add your own notes there.)

1st base running lane:  7.09(k),  6.05(f)

Appeal, made by fielder:  2.00 (APPEAL)

Baseline:  (is line between two bases) 7.08(a)

Bunt:  2.00 (BUNT),

   ALL foul bunts are strikes. Dead ball. See STRIKE, BB (d), SB (g)

   ALL foul tips are strikes. Live ball.  See STRIKE, BB (g), SB (f) 

Casts not allowed in game:  1.11(k)

Chanting about other teams:  4.06(2)

Coach leaving dugout:  XIV(d)

Coach touching runner:  7.09(i)

Hit ball twice in fair:  (out and ball is dead) 7.09(b),  6.05(g)

Hit runner in fair:  (out and ball is dead) 7.09(m),  6.05(f)

Infield fly:  2.00 (INFIELD FLY)

Infield fly, similar:  6.05(k)

Leaving base early (baseball):  7.13

Leaving base early (softball, runner out):  7.08(a),  7.13

Over running 1st:  7.08(c), (j)

Pinch runner:  7.14,  3.04

Pitcher in circle, runners must return to base (softball):  7.08(a),  7.13

Pitcher on mound, runners must return to base (baseball):  7.13

Pitcher visits:  8.06(a)-(d)

Pitcher warm-up:  Coach XIV(f),  Mask 1.17

Pitching in a suspended game, days of rest required:  4.11(e),  VI(b)

Regulation game:  4.10(a), (c)

Revert to previous inning:  4.11(d)

Runner misses home plate: 7.08(k),  7.10(d)

Start of next inning:  2.00 (INNING)

See the Resources Page for more tips.



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Thank you to our great sponsors
Thank you to our great sponsors
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