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Let us know if you have resources that could be helpful to share with others and we'll add them here. 

Manager Resources:

Managers can use this sample self evaluation form to learn more about new players.  It's in MS Word so you can change it to fit your needs.

Here are some tips for basic bunt defense from the old

This is a sample lineup planning sheet for managers.  Use it to make notes on where you want to place players during the game.

Determining the lineup. This lineup chart was originally from  It's in MS Word format, so you can change it to fit your needs.

Here are a few rule clarifications found on
Check the following links for more.

"He broke his wrists", "The bat went past the front of the plate”, “The first base umpire saw the tip of the bat."  Many people believe these statements are written in the rules or are written as official interpretations of a strike.  THEY ARE NOT.  A strike by definition is "a pitch that is struck at by the batter and is missed." It is purely a judgment made by the umpire as to whether the batter "struck at" the pitch. Breaking the wrists or the bat moving beyond the front of the plate or the batter's body, are factors that the umpire may use to make the judgment. Factors is all they are; not definitions.  It is not automatically a strike when a batter holds the bat over the plate preparing to bunt and does not pull it back when the pitch goes by. The same judgment applies. Did the batter "strike at" the pitch?  It is not automatically a strike when a batter is ducking an inside pitch and he spins around and the bat crosses the plate. The umpire must judge if he was avoiding the pitch or striking at it. 
(See Rule 2.00, STRIKE)

There is nothing foul about a foul-tip. If the ball nicks the bat and goes sharp and direct to the catcher's hand or glove and is caught, this is a foul-tip by definition. A foul-tip is a strike and the ball is alive. It is the same as a swing-and-miss.  If the ball is not caught, it is a foul ball. If the nicked pitch first hits the catcher somewhere other than the hand or glove, it is not a foul-tip, it is a foul ball.  People often ask why the batter is out if they foul tip on the third strike.  Answer:  Per the definition, any foul tip is a strike.  What happens when you get three strikes?
Rules: 2.00 FOUL-TIP, STRIKE

Young players quite often let go of the bat during or after a swing and sometimes hit another player. There is no rule that covers this situation. It is a safety issue and may be handled under the authority of rule 9.01(c) which gives the umpire authority to rule on anything not specifically covered in the rules.  Quite often umpires call the batter out for doing this. Sometimes it is after a warning and sometimes without. This is not correct. The defense hasn't earned an out.  The batter should be called out, only if the throwing of the bat interfered with an attempted play by the defense.
The Official Little League policy from Western Region is: After the first occurrence, inform the player and the manager that if this or any other player lets go of the bat again, he will be removed from the game.  He may remain on the bench, he just can't play anymore in that game. (Local rules may apply.)

Offsite Resources:
Note: The following links take you out of this site.  These sites are not maintained or controlled by us, and we are not responsible for their content or availability. Let us know if you can't reach one of these links or if you have other links you would like listed here.

Tournament Bracket Management System This site lets you type in a list of team names and then builds the brackets for you.  Then click on the ? next to the team that wins each game and the next games are automatically filled in.  If you don't select random seed, enter the teams in reverse order. (Last place first, etc.)

Baseball Scorecards  On this page you will find a collection of several different kinds of baseball scorecards that you can download and print. If you are interested in more detailed instructions on how to score a baseball game, consult this Guide to Scoring Baseball.

Arizona District 5 website

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Thank you to our great sponsors
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