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Equipment Shed Project 2004

Follow along with the project here.

shed-716.jpg (79350 bytes) shed-714.jpg (63065 bytes) shed-749.jpg (99018 bytes)
Old shed and batting cage as it was March 12, 2003

The project was on hold while we tried to get permits from the County. Permits were finally picked up on February 25, 2004. 

March 26th, 2004:  I installed a water line to the batting cages so it will be easier to maintain the new cages and keep them clean.

March 30th, 2004:  Pima Waste of Tucson donated a roll off dumpster for the project.

April 3rd, 2004:   Florayne and Albert moved the rest of the league equipment from the old shed to the Mini-Mobile temporary storage containers in the parking lot.  The old building was then torn down by Keith Pullen, Steve Bertoncin, Steve Youngquist, Rick Alfonso, Ricky Alfonso, Rick Alfonso's Dad, and Albert Calderon.  It took 7 hours.  A BIG thanks to all who helped!

shed-511f.jpg (89446 bytes) shed-515f.jpg (108639 bytes) shed-519f.jpg (102767 bytes)
shed-521f.jpg (115603 bytes) shed-522f.jpg (109846 bytes)

April 9th, 2004: Steve Kaplan and Keith Pullen set the forms for the storage shed slab. Then, on Saturday the 10th, the footings were dug by Rick Alfonso and his Dad, Steve Kaplan, Steve Bertoncin, John Koprowski, Greg Stevenson, and Keith Pullen. 

April 14th, 2004: On Wednesday, Kevin Baker, Rick Alfonso and Keith Pullen set the rebar for the footings.

April 15th, 2004: The footing and pre-slab inspections passed.

April 16th, 2004: Steve at Tucson Exterminating donated the termite pre-treatment. He also sprayed the snack bar while he was there.

April 17th, 2004: On Saturday morning, Steve Kaplan and Richard from Diversified Design and Construction poured and finished the storeroom slab with help from Rick Alfonso, John Koprowski, and Keith Pullen.

shed-547f.jpg (102834 bytes) shed-551f.jpg (123282 bytes) shed-552f.jpg (109481 bytes)

May 1st and May 8th:  Steve Kaplan and Steve Bertoncin came out again and helped me get the east half of the batting cages formed and ready to pour.  I installed pipes for hose bibs in the batting cages on the 13th and finished grading the north batting cage.

May 8th, 2004:  Steve Kaplan and Richard from Diversified and two finishers from Concrete Done with Love poured and finished the east half of the batting cages with the help of several league volunteer wheelbarrowers.  We couldn't have done it without Randy Kitzman, Kevin Baker, Steve Bertoncin and Rick Alfonso pushing the wheelbarrows. 

shed-668f.jpg (110026 bytes) shed-670f.jpg (105230 bytes) shed-671f.jpg (114398 bytes)

May 22, 2004: Keith Pullen and Steve Kaplan set forms for the west half of the batting cages. Keith dugout and leveled the cages during the week.

June 19th, 2004: Steve Kaplan and Richard from Diversified and two finishers from Concrete Done with Love poured and finished the west half of the batting cages with the help of several league volunteers. 
Rick Alfonso, Greg Stevenson, Donny Stevenson, Steve Bertoncin, Mark Evens, John Carver, and Keith Pullen helped with the wheelbarrowing.

The next step is to build the masonry walls.  We're still looking for masons to build the walls.  We're working with Young Block to get get part of the block donated.

We still need more help.  Out of 500 families in TLL, only about 12 so far have enjoyed the opportunity to help with this project.  RSVP to Keith Pullen at 991-3462 or 

Click here to see what we still need

    Check back later for updates.....



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Thank you to our great sponsors
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