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Thornydale Little League
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2004 Season

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Minor Baseball
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Minor Softball
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Thornydale Little League
PO Box 91553
Tucson, AZ  85752

Voicemail (520) 572-6505



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Let the children play.

League Divisions

Mini-minor Baseball
Minor Baseball
Major Baseball
Junior/Senior Baseball
Big League Baseball
Mini-Minor Softball
Minor Softball
Major Softball
Junior/Senior Softball
Big League Softball

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Home team (or host league) will be responsible for preparing the fields before the game.  Setup includes:

  • Setup all bases and backstop pads.

  • Inspect field for holes and other hazards.

  • Rake or drag the infield to create a level playing surface.

          (DO NOT pull the drags or infield mix into the turf areas.)

  • Chalk the batters boxes, coach boxes, pitcher circle (softball), and foul lines up to the grass line.

  • Water down the field as needed.

  • Provide an official scorekeeper (minor league and above)

  • Put away chalkers and batter box templates.

  • Put away water hoses and rakes.

Visiting team (or host league) will be responsible for putting away the field equipment if last game, including:

  • Put away bases in the equipment room or equipment box.

  • Put away backstop pads.

  • Rake and level batters boxes, around the bases, around the pitching rubber, and any bad spots in the infield.  The purpose for this is so the field will pack to a better condition when it rains or the sprinklers come on during the night or the next day.

All equipment (hoses, rakes, bases, etc.) removed from the equipment shed or equipment box should be returned and placed in a neat and orderly position upon completion of use.

Managers should encourage parents to help with the field setup and cleanup so the managers and coaches can spend more time working with the players.

Both teams are responsible for cleaning out their dugouts after each game.
Both teams are responsible for cleaning up around their bleacher areas.

Notes:  Do not allow players to hit or throw against any of the fences in the parks.   Over time, this causes extensive damage to the chain link fencing.  A batting shield can be purchased at a sports store for less cost than replacing the fencing.

Managers and parents, keep an eye on the fielders during games and practice to make sure they don't dig holes in the field. 

Fields should not be used when saturated by rain or over irrigation.  Damage to the field may force the County to close the field for repairs and may result in the loss of field use privileges.

If an umpire is not scheduled for a game or scheduled umpires no show, the home team will provide a plate umpire and the visiting team will provide a field umpire.  Only volunteer umpires will be utilized in league games.  Plate umpires can take a position behind the pitcher instead of behind the plate. Rule 9.03(a)

Reminder: All catchers must wear a mask, “dangling” type throat protector and catcher’s helmet during infield/outfield practice, pitcher warm-up and games.  (Rule 1.17)


County Park personnel spend much of their time cleaning trash around fields and bleachers leaving them less time for important duties such as caring and preparation of our fields and facilities. Let's do our absolute best to keep the park clean.

Parents that smoke. Please utilize the standing containers that are set at the park specifically for cigarette butts. This is a request from the Pima County Parks and Recreation Department.

Note: The use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages in any form is prohibited on the playing field, benches or dugouts.  Regulation XIV(e)  at anytime during games and practices. 

League Mission

The objective of the Local League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.

Thornydale Little League encourages its managers & coaches to:

1) Reflect an understanding of good sportsmanship;

2) Show and lead by example;

3) Respect opposing players, coaches, and the judgment/authority of umpires.

The players should always strive to do their best at all times. The players & coaches should be disciplined, while working together as a team. (Remember, there is no " I " in T E A M).

Parental participation is highly encouraged. Volunteer your time to help not just managers, coaches, & board members, but most importantly, your child. Help develop not just their baseball skills, but their citizenship qualities as well.



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Thank you to our great sponsors
Thank you to our great sponsors
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