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2004 Season

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2003 All-Star Baseball/Softball



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All-Star Tournament brackets are listed on the District 5 Website
in Acrobat PDF format.
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Thornydale Little League has adopted the following policies regarding All-Star tournament play. Players must have participated in at least 50% of regular season games in order to be eligible for All-Stars. The All-Star Permission form must be completed and signed before a player can be considered for an All-Star team.

Parents and players must agree to all conditions of the All-Star player's agreement. Failure to adhere to the agreement shall result in the player's removal from the team. Managers and coaches do not have the authority to override league policy.

A player that quits or is removed from an All-Star team may not be eligible to participate in All-Stars the next season. (Exception; medical with doctor's certification).

The duration of the All-Star commitment extends from June 15th through September, as long as the team continues to advance, and may include games, practices and activities on Sundays.

Parents will be expected to participate in tournament activities such as but not limited to snack bar, scorekeeping, field maintenance, chaperoning, and fundraising.

All-Star assessment fees will be decided at a future date prior to the start of the All-Star season.  

Additional expenses may be incurred by the player/parent during the All-Star tournament such as travel expenses, food and accommodations.

All-Stars 2003

The 2003 All-Stars will be announced on June 15th, and the All-Star season will begin immediately.  The all-star divisions are 9-10 year olds, 11-12 years olds, juniors, and seniors. Playing All-Stars is a huge commitment on the part of the players and their parents.  All players are expected to attend all practices and games.  Some all-star teams will practice every day or even twice a day for the first few weeks, because the District 5 tournament begins around the 1st of July.

All mangers or coaches of record may apply to become the manager of an All-Star team.  The Board of Directors and players will select the manager.  If you wish to be considered, please notify your player agent by May 31st. 

1)   The Board of Directors selects all-Star managers.  If the Board of Directors recommends more than one manger candidate for any division above Minor League, the players eligible for All-Stars of that division will vote to select the manager.    Manager candidates must be approved as candidates by the Board of Directors prior to the election.  (See Tournament Rules and Guidelines)

2)   All-Star teams will have 12 players.  The method for selecting All-Star Tournament Team players for Major League and above will be the same as the method suggested in the Little League Baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines (Page T-2) for the current year with the following exceptions.  Volunteer Umpires must have umpired in at least 10 games during the season in order to vote.  The Player Agent will prepare a ballot with the names of all eligible candidates for each All-Star team.  Each person voting will vote for up to the number of players to be on the team.  When more than one player has an equal number of votes for the last position, the All-Star manager will cast a vote to break the tie.  Eight players will be selected by the Little League guidelines.  The Manager of the team will select the remaining 4 players.  The Board of Directors can veto any player(s) selected.

3)   9-10 Year old All-Star selection Process: All candidates are invited to an evaluation session.  Team managers from Major and Minor Leagues rate the players with standard tryout scoring.  The Board of Directors will tabulate the scores.  (The high and low score from each candidate will be removed before tabulating.) Eight players with the highest score will be selected.  When more than one player has an equal score for the last position, the All-Star manager will cast a vote to break the tie. The All-Star manager will select the remaining 4 players.  The Board of Directors can veto any player(s) selected.

Contact information can be found on the Administration page. 



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Thank you to our great sponsors
Thank you to our great sponsors
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