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Presentations 3/12/00 

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Welcome to Face to Face Technology’s  Collaborative Technologies Symposium. The marriage of high technology to high touch has never been more important to businesses and the public sector.  This conference is organized to keep facilitators and users of group technology at the very top of their game.

You will hear from your colleagues and peers about how they are using Face to Face Technologies to –

  • enable organizations to set new strategic direction;

  • strengthen operations; and

  • enhance collaboration.

Nationally and internationally recognized presenters will describe and demonstrate how they are using high technology to support small and large, public and private sector clients gain improvement and effectiveness for the 21st Century.  The sessions will highlight the wide variety of ways that Face to Face Technology is being used while providing hands-on opportunities to learn new professional skills and techniques. 

In addition to sessions rich with learning opportunities, this conference is organized to maximize networking and informal discussion. 

The Symposium is being held at Westfield Marriott Conference Center in Chantilly, Virginia on March 27th and 28th, 2000.   It will provide you with an opportunity to learn from your peers, share your knowledge and network with colleagues, keep you current and able to use high technology to its fullest capacity, and give you a chance to look at what the future holds for face to face technology.  Attire during the conference is casual.

Attendance is limited to 150 people, so register early for your guaranteed seat!

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