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This first Face to Face Technology Symposium is being organized by JRH Associates, Inc. and Pullen Consulting, Inc., two independent companies who have been in the Face To Face Technology business for a combined total of over 24 years. When we learned GroupSystems.com (formerly Ventana Corporation) was not planning on holding their traditional “GroupSystems® Users Conference” this March, we decided to sponsor a Symposium to keep facilitators using GroupSystems® technology at the top of their game. We decided to hold this Symposium in the Washington DC area since it is the largest market for this product.

JRH Associates, Inc. is located in the Washington Metropolitan area and concentrates on providing facilitation, technographer, training and system leasing for GroupSystems® for Windows products.  We have been in the collaborative technology business since 1991 and have attended every Users Conference (except one) since 1994.

JR Holt, President
JRH Associates, Inc.
Computer-Assisted Meeting Facilitation, 
Technography, Training and System Leasing
V:  703.931.0930   F: 703.354.8558

Pullen Consulting, Inc.
is located in Tucson, Arizona, has been involved with GroupSystems® since the first commercial release.  We specialize in conference planning, network consulting and sales prospecting. Keith Pullen was involved with technical support for all the previous GroupSystems®  Users Conferences, while Sue helped with several of the past Conferences, and was the Conference Coordinator for the last two. 

Sue Pullen
Pullen Consulting, Inc.
V: 520.579.1206   F: 520.579.0458

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