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These custom invites are printed on a white cardstock and applied to a textured paper in the following color choices: dark green, red, navy, yellow, and plum. White and matching ribbon ties this invite together as one.
Price: $2.20/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #4080

Whether you're having your wedding on a beach or not, this invite is made of an ivory textured paper, tied with tan raffia and a seashell.
Price: $2.10/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #3590

A heavy cardstock holds the cottonwood print paper to create a simple yet elegant feeling. Cardstock color choices: burgundy, navy, dark green, orange, light pink, hot pink, light blue
Price: $1.75/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #5000

A square shaped cardstock is imprinted with your monogram and then overlaid with your choice of verse and tied together with a sheer ribbon.
Also available with a blue overlay.
Price: $2.50/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #3570

BurntEdgeswVellumMonogram6x6.jpg (120396 bytes) An ivory textured cardstock is imprinted with the map of your wedding site and your choice of verse. Vellum is printed with your monogram and tied together with a satin ribbon. The burnt edges give this invitation a "treasure map" feeling!
Price: $2.15/set
(invitation, rsvp) 

Item #4060

HorizontalwStick6x6.jpg (138022 bytes) Great for an outdoor wedding this invitation consists of your choice of cardstock color, a handmade flower paper in choice of burgundy or yellow flowers, and a vellum overlay holding the printed verse of your choice. Everything is tied together by ribbon and a stick.
Price: $2.50/set
(invite, rsvp)

Item #5020

PinkSquarewEmbossedHearts6x6.jpg (102794 bytes) This simple, elegant design is made of a cardstock color of your choice - many colors available - and overlaid by a white paper which holds the verse of your choice, and is embossed with beautiful hearts.
Price: $1.75/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #4070

WhiteRippedEdge6x6.jpg (111875 bytes) A simple design is created by textured cardstock, and printed border, and jagged bottom. Color choices: white, ivory
Price: $1.40/set
(invite, rsvp)

Item #3540

YellowwFlowersandVellum6x6.jpg (109767 bytes) A spring design is beautifully created with a light colored cardstock with a ribbed texture, handmade flower paper in your choice of burgundy or yellow, and a vellum overlay which hold the verse of your choice.
Cardstock color choices: yellow, dark green, burgundy, red, white, ivory
Price: $2.65/set
(invite, rsvp)

Item #3510

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Teal and brown are two extremely popular colors and these invites bring them together with teal cardstock and a satin brown ribbon across the top and bottom. The reception card mocks this design.

Price: $1.90/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #3580

These elegant invites are created with an ivory linen paper printed with your monogram, applied to ribbed cardstock and overlaid with vellum and your choice of quote. Color choices: scarlet, yellow, dark green, purple, ivory, black, navy, plum.
Price: $2.25/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #4090

The textured cardstock holds 2 skeleton leaves which then is overlaid by vellum with your verse, and then again overlaid with vellum and your choice of quote. Cardstock color choices: navy, ivory, dark green, burgundy
Price: $2.90/set
(invitation, rsvp)

Item #5010

BlackandWhiteSquarewRibbon6x6.jpg (117556 bytes) An elegant ribbed cardstock is accompanied by a white paper overlay and then tied together with 2 double ribbed ribbons. Color choices: black, yellow, red, navy, dark green, purple
Price: $2.60/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #3520

CorrugatedwRaffia6x6.jpg (107011 bytes) A thick corrugated paper ties a cottonwood print paper together by tan raffia. A very unique design that is sure to stand out to your guests.
Price: $2.25/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #3550

hotpink&white6x6.jpg (137012 bytes) This long and wide invite brings together bold colors for a unique design. Color choices: hot pink/white, orange/blue, orange/hot pink, lime green/white
Price: $1.65/set
(invite, rsvp)

Item #4050

RedSquarewIvory6x6.jpg (119301 bytes) A simple design is created with your color of cardstock and an ivory linen paper printed with your choice of verse. Many cardstock colors available.
Price: $1.65/set
(invite, reception, rsvp)

Item #5030

WhitewTanRaffia6x6.jpg (102047 bytes) A simple yet elegant design is tied with tan raffia to give this invite a kick! Many cardstock colors available to choose from.
Price: $1.40/set
(invite, rsvp)

Item #5040


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