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Effective Meetings

"The benefits of using a trained facilitator to lead a technology-enhanced facilitated-meeting is what used to take a week to accomplish 
can now be done in one to two days!"

Every aspect of business management involves the exchange of information, often in a meeting environment.  These meetings may be small or large, take an hour, a day, a week, or a month.  They may be face-to-face or distributed, same time or off-line.  Participants often consider meetings a waste of time due to the lack of a clear objective, lack of focus, lack of preparation, personality conflicts and power plays, lack of progress and varied interpretations of the results achieved through incomplete or inaccurate documentation. 

CMSI managed meetings provide:

  •  a clear objective and consistent  focus on achieving the  meeting objective;

  •  pre-meeting preparation for meeting owner and participants;

  •  discussion on issues not personalities;

  •  a sense of progress; and 

  •  documentation with which participants agree.

Facilitated meetings provide a neutral facilitator to help the meeting owner and participants achieve the objectives in a positive atmosphere.  The facilitator manages the meeting based on an agenda developed with the meeting owner and a set of ground rules that the participants agree to.  The facilitator does not become involved in the details of the meeting other than to ensure they are topical, relevant, and within the time allotted to the specific activity begin worked on.  

Advances in PC and Web-based Group-Decision Support technologies provide electronic equivalents to traditional meeting activities.  When applied by a trained facilitator these electronic equivalents significantly enhance meetings by accelerating the meeting and decision-making processes and increasing meeting productivity.  Technology-enhanced facilitated-meetings enable an increased focus on meeting deliverables, participant participation and overall productivity.  What used to take a week to accomplish can be done in one to two days.  

CMSI enables meetings to be more productive and enjoyable.


Last updated 12/19/2000