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"Our expertise and experience results in the effective application of collaborative group-decision technology to existing client processes."

Brian R. BoerBrian R. Boer founded CMSI in 1998 to assist organizations with improving their management processes and productivity while increasing employee satisfaction.

Brian has facilitated management processes and meetings for the past 20 years and has over 9 years experience using collaborative group-decision technology.  He has an extensive background in telecommunications infrastructure design, deployment, operations and support.

Brian has a unique ability to enable people and technology to work together.  Hes designed, developed, and instructed technical training programs for both technical and non-technical personnel in the US and abroad (Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia).  Hes led many successful project management teams and negotiated several breakthrough service contracts in the telecommunications industry.

For the past three years Brian has collaborated with his clients and facilitated processes to clarify mission statements, develop strategic and tactical/action plans, while dramatically increasing management team cohesiveness and effectiveness.

Brian received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from the University of Phoenix in 1995.


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