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Benefits of Collaborative 
Group-Decision Technologies

"Applied use of Collaborative Group-Decision Technologies by a trained facilitator will improve your decision making processes."

Group-Decision Support technologies provide benefit to organizations striving to improve their group decision-making processes.  The key is determining which technology provides the desired benefit and how different technologies can be integrated together.

Some specific benefits for Electronic Meeting or Group-Decision Support Systems are worth highlighting.  These include:

1.      Parallel Input - Participants simultaneously participate in meeting activities;

2.      Anonymity – Participant input is anonymous, removing posturing which allows ideas to be judged on their merit, not by who made them;

3.      Process Accelerators – All Electronic Meeting Systems, or Group- Decision Support Software (GDSS)  provide tools which accelerate traditional meeting methods;

4.      Complete Documentation – All information entered during the meeting is available at the conclusion of the meeting in electronic form.

The following table highlights various collaborative tools, their capabilities, and example products for each:

Technology Capabilities Product
E-mail One-to-many, non-real-time e-communication Outlook, Lotus Notes
Chat Real-time informal, topic-based e-communication AQL, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Lotus SameTime

Document sharing, workflow, and threaded discussions

Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Instinctive eRoom
Survey Non-real-time, non-interactive, and fixed-structure opinion gathering Zoomerang, The Survey System, Net Reflector

Knowledge Bases


Knowledge-sharing; document storage, categorization, search, and retrieval

Intraspect’s Knowledge Server, ObjectSpace’s Voyager Application Server
Conferencing Real-time communication of content to many people via presentations, shared applications, and whiteboards WebEx, NetMeeting, Centra
Electronic Meeting Systems or Group-Decision Support (GDSS) Real-time structured brainstorming and idea evaluation GroupSystems,, MeetingWorks



Last updated 01/11/2001