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"CMSI's experience and expertise enabled our management team to realize its full potential."  Tim Argenti - Pleasant Hill Bayshore Disposal

Collaborative Management Services, Inc. (CMSI) provides leadership, structure, and focus for management and project teams.  We apply management methodologies and advanced Group-Decision Support technologies to:

  • Increase team cohesiveness;

  • Increase stakeholder participation;

  • Accelerate information gathering, analysis, and group decision processes;

  • Provide complete documentation of the process and outcomes; and

  • Maximize clients return on their investment.

CMSI specializes in the use of Group-Decision Support technologies to accelerate group decision-making processes, and reduce the time spent on management processes and in meetings by 50-90%.

CMSI supports face-to-face real-time and anyplace-anytime group decision support environments through the use of team-based group decision support technologies. CMSI's use and application of these advanced technologies combined with traditional facilitation techniques result in management processes and meetings that are highly productive and enjoyable to participate in.

Incorporated in August 1998, CMSI increases the productivity and satisfaction of clients by providing the ability to simultaneously and anonymously participate in meeting and group-decision activities.  By increasing the flow of information and removing posturing, technology-enhanced facilitated-meetings enable our clients to significantly improve their group-decision processes.

Small or large groups working through complex issues or making critical decisions will accelerate the process and increase the results of their efforts by using our services.

Contact CMSI today at to learn how we can help you increase your management teams' productivity.

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