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Butterfield Elementary School

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Rocco Sugameli, Principal

September, 2002

The new school year has begun smoothly and based on everything that we have seen so far, we are expecting another great school year at Butterfield.  As you all know, September 11th is rapidly approaching. As a school, we have decided to use the year anniversary of this tragedy to celebrate the American spirit, and focus on the dreams and hopes that we have for our children well into the future. I would like to share a short quote with you:        

 “Set out for tomorrow on the pathway of a dream.”

 It is up to all of us to provide hope for our children and help them realize their dreams. As the school year begins, please join me in doing this. 

September 11th Activities: We have decided to use the entire week (September 9th through the 13th) to honor our country by wearing red, white and blue each day. In addition, each one of your children will be given a strip of red, white or blue paper on which we will be asking them write something about someone that is a hero in their lives. One of the lessons of September 11th is that heroes can be those that love us, comfort us, and guide us down the right path, in addition to those brave rescuers on that fateful day.  We want to celebrate the heroes in the lives of those in our Butterfield community. These strips of paper will be put together to form classroom chains. We will then have a very short assembly the morning of the 11th and each class will present their chain to the school. All of the chains will be linked together and hung around our entire courtyard as a reminder to us all of the importance of heroes in our lives. This assembly will be at approximately 9:00 am. Please join us if you can. 

Standards Based Reporting – Those of you who attended the parent information nights know that our system of reporting student progress will be significantly different this year. There were many great questions generated from these discussions and all I really want to report at this point is that I have communicated all of your questions, concerns, feedback etc. to the standards based reporting committee and the district office. A survey will be sent our later in the year after the new system has been implemented to secure further feedback from parents. 

Library Volunteers – We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to assist in the library throughout the school year. Keeping up with classroom lessons, book check out, filing, cataloging, software etc. in the library is a huge job. Our librarian, Mrs. Risch, does a tremendous job but this is definitely more than one person can keep up with. If you have any time at all that you can donate to us to help in the library, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Carolyn Risch in the Butterfield library if you are able to help.

BCAC Meeting – Our first Butterfield Community Activities Counsel meeting will be held on Thursday, September 12th starting with an open house at 6:30 and meeting at 7:00. This is a great way for you as parents to get involved with the school. Subsequent meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Our September meeting was moved to the 12th to allow you to be home with your families in remembrance of September 11th.

Tax Credit For Education - Just a reminder that the State Tax Credit for Education is in effect again this year. This means that you may donate up to $250.00, if married filing jointly, to the school and receive this money back, dollar for dollar at tax time. We have forms available in the office for this purpose and will be sending out more information later this fall.

Parking – Everyone’s favorite subject including mine! Again, I want to remind you that parking on Eunice Place perpendicular to the school is now restricted. According to the county, no one is allowed to park on that particular street. Also, the crossing guards are doing the very best job they can to keep your children safe. Please treat them accordingly and do not blame them for any parking concerns that you may have. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 



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