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Butterfield Elementary School

3400 W. Massingale Road
Tucson, Arizona  85741
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"We Are Proud To Be A Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence"

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National Blue
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1999 - 2000

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Rocco Sugameli, Principal

October, 2002

Dear Parents,

I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having and that your children are having a wonderful school year. I get the opportunity to visit classrooms often and observe the instruction that takes place inside those classrooms. I am struck by how eager to learn our children are and the fact that they are active participants in their learning! This seems to be the case more this year then ever and I commend our wonderful teachers, and you, the parents, for continuing to reinforce the love of learning and the fact that learning is a lifelong process. 

On October 15th, the State will be publishing a listing of schools with the school accountability ranking of each school. The categories will go from under performing, to maintaining, to improving and finally excelling as the highest ranking. We believe that given our student achievement data and the state formula that we will come out of this process with a high ranking. With that said, I believe that it is important for me, as your principal to make the statement that while I think you will be pleased with our category, in my opinion, there is much, much more to school success than these rankings. In fact, there will be schools that are given the label of under performing that are doing good things for kids.   

While we believe in accountability and high academic expectations at Butterfield, we also believe in much more. There is a theory called the Developmental Pathways of Students that really speaks to what we believe about children and learning. These pathways point out the following developmental traits of learning that impact the classroom: cognitive development (brain based learning), social development, physical development, emotional development, language development, and ethical development. To have a truly successful school, I believe that we must teach and reinforce all of these pathways. Our mission at Butterfield strives to do this. My fear given the current trends in education is that so many things are being left out when looking at what makes up an excellent school. I hope that you will join me in presenting the message that at our school, the total child is what’s important. 

Speaking of trends in education, we have a very important election coming up in November. The state is facing a very large budget deficit, which will most certainly affect public education in our state. I urge you to study the candidates platforms, and look closely at all the propositions, especially those concerning education and vote the way you think that public education will be best supported. Please be great role models for your children and vote in November! 

I have some other important topics that I need to discuss with you. The first is attendance. Our first 20-day attendance report shows us with an absence rate of 3.9%. While this seems low, it is a full 1% lower than we normally have for the first report. It is very, very important that barring illness or family emergency, your children are at school each day on time. Our state funding depends on it!

We also have a number of students who are arriving on campus very early each day. Our playground and breakfast program do not open until 8:35 a.m. and we have no supervision prior to that time. We have had students arriving as early as 7:45. Please make alternative arrangements for the safety of your children. 

I would also like to remind all you about our multi-cultural week during the week of October 21st to the 25th. Our multi-cultural festival will be held on Friday October 25th. We are a diverse nation and this is a great week to celebrate the different cultures, traditions and food that make up our Butterfield community. I hope to see you all at the festival. 


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