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Butterfield Elementary School

3400 W. Massingale Road
Tucson, Arizona  85741
(520) 579-5000  fax (520) 579-5029

"We Are Proud To Be A Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence"

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National Blue
Ribbon School
1999 - 2000

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Below is the revised dress code for Butterfield families.  We believe that students who are dressed appropriately for school are less distracted and less distracting to others.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to keep Butterfield a safe learning environment in which all students can learn and achieve their maximum potential.

Butterfield Dress Code

The safety of our students at Butterfield is a primary focus.  For this reason, we feel the need to set a standard for appropriate school dress.  The Butterfield Administration reserves the right to prohibit any clothing that it perceives to be gang related or may conceal any item that may be dangerous.  We all need to work together to reduce the impact of this problem in our community; therefore, we ask that all visitors to our campus, adults and children, become role models and follow our dress code.

Students should be neat, clean and modestly dressed at school or school sponsored activities.  Footwear must be worn at all times and be safe and appropriate for activities in which students are participating.

Hats, caps and head coverings may be worn for outside activities only; bills must be facing forward.

The following will not be allowed at Butterfield:

  1. Ripped, heavily patched types of clothing, "baggies" and bandanas
  2. "Sagging" clothes
  3. Excessively short, tight or revealing clothing.  Shirts should appropriately cover the shoulders and torso and fit under the arms. They should not expose any part of the torso at any time.
  4. Undergarments which are exposed
  5. Clothing or accessories which advertise drugs or alcohol or that are rude, offensive, or suggestive in nature
  6. Untucked shirts which extend below the thumbs or longer than shorts/skirts
  7. Excessively long belts (all belts must be within belt loops)
  8. Inappropriate amounts or colors of makeup, including for the hair or nails, which may be distracting

All staff members have the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines in the school setting.  Students who do not follow the dress code may be asked to call home or change into appropriate clothing provided by the school.

Thank you for your support,

The Butterfield Staff

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